Hi there! I’m Storm. Nice ta meet’cha!

You can currently find me on –

Though I admit I’m most active here on my blog. I’m on Goodreads a lot but I don’t really talk much there until I finish a book or I am participating in some book  Group Read Questions.

My favorite things to read, in no particular order, are Fantasy, Sci-Fi, High or Epic Fantasy, Classics, or anything about Ancient Egypt. I do tend to easily get overloaded by facts and figures of non-fiction books and those DO take me the absolute longest to read, by far, but I do like reading them anyways. I usually pull one when I get the nudge for something real, but most of the time, Fictional worlds suit me just fine.

I’m a wanna-be writer as well, and I love to draw, but I won’t be posting personal art or story snippits here, the purpose of this blog is simply stories written or drawn ( in the case of Manga and Comics) by others. Sometimes I’ll post something interesting relating to books (like #pages4progress or a book pillow design) but on the whole, this blog will be updated INFREQUENTLY. Mostly because I am not immune to reading slumps and sometimes Life happens.

Mostly, I’ll be reviewing books I’ve finished, or near-finished, and the reviews here will more likely then not be the same as the reviews I leave for the book on Goodreads. This doesn’t mean I have nothing to add to the review, it just means I’m lazy and don’t want to make a whole separate review just for my blog, when it’s say the same thing anyways in a different way.

Also, I love seeing what other books people have on their own shelves, so I’m sharing mine! My bookshelf Tour page isn’t yet complete, but I’m working on it! In the meantime you can see the first 3 shelves if you want, and the list of books upon them.

Well, I suppose that’s all I have for you right now. Take a look around and feel free to leave comments or subscribe. See ya!


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