Book Haul 002

Another Book Haul Post! Last Month sometime, or possibly the month before? I can’t remember exactly, life’s been busy! But yes, My Local Library was having a sale, A much smaller one admittedly but still, I found some treasures!

  1. The Chronicles of Narnia: Book 5, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader By C. S. Lewis
  2. The Rescuers: Book 1, The Rescuers By Margery Sharp
  3. The Rescuers: Book 2, Miss Bianca By Margery Sharp
  4. The Rescuers: Book 4, Miss Bianca in the Salt Mines By Margery Sharp
  5. Ragtag By Karl Wolf-Morgenlander
  6. Silverwing: Book 0.5, Darkwing By Kenneth Oppel
  7. DK Publishing Ancient Egypt Revealed By Peter Crisp

I’m already reading through the books since I’m using them for the Goodreads Group: Nothing But Reading Challenges, as they’re having a Pirate Takeover this month! Currently I’m reading The Rescuers books 1 and 2 so expect reviews for those soon.


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