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The Keepers #3: Path of Beasts By Lian Tanner

Whoa 😮

Seeing as this is the end of the series (NOOOOO!!!) Everything’s gotta get wrapped up, but Oh Boy do things start unraveling faster, first!

Goldie and her crew gotta get back to Jewel, first of all, and then there’s the small matter of the Fugleman and his schemes, along with about half a dozen other NEW problems!

There was one part that, even though I saw it coming, still totally blew me away. 😮 I wish there was another story in this world, I’d like to see what happens AFTER everything!


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The Keepers #2: City of Lies By Lian Tanner

Ooooh Gods o.o Looks like the City of Jewel isn’t quite finished with it’s troubles yet!!

Goldie’s back in action, along with her friends at the Museum of Dunt, but it’s a whole new Terror this time that’s stirring up trouble. Even the Museum is acting up cause of it! Goldie’s got a Big Task ahead of her, if she’s to figure things out and save her friends from danger.

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The Keepers #1: Museum of Thieves By Lian Tanner

I first found out about this book years ago, before I knew about Goodreads, through an online ‘spot the difference’ puzzle-game. The changing scenes from one stage to the next were intriguing, and when I found out the puzzle-game was based on a BOOK, well, I just had to read it!

And now I’ve returned to it! Goldie Roth lives in a city, where children are kept on ‘Guardchains’, tied to their parents or ‘Guardians’, and it’s her yearning for freedom that starts her on the path to a great, scary, wonderful adventure.

I can’t wait to read the rest of the series, I’d forgotten how awesome this story was, and I want to see just how Goldie and her friends handle the dangers still coming their way!

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