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Fairest: Levana’s Story (The Lunar Chronicles 3.5) By Marissa Meyer

So this is Levana’s Story, how she became the cold-hearted, evil Queen she seemed like so far in the rest of the Series. Her story is part tragic, part idiotic, and part… I don’t even know what to call parts of her choices and history. It’ll make seeing how she acts moving forward interesting though, to see how the rest of her story will play out when it’s twisted in with Cinder’s Story.


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The Keepers #3: Path of Beasts By Lian Tanner

Whoa 😮

Seeing as this is the end of the series (NOOOOO!!!) Everything’s gotta get wrapped up, but Oh Boy do things start unraveling faster, first!

Goldie and her crew gotta get back to Jewel, first of all, and then there’s the small matter of the Fugleman and his schemes, along with about half a dozen other NEW problems!

There was one part that, even though I saw it coming, still totally blew me away. 😮 I wish there was another story in this world, I’d like to see what happens AFTER everything!

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The Keepers #2: City of Lies By Lian Tanner

Ooooh Gods o.o Looks like the City of Jewel isn’t quite finished with it’s troubles yet!!

Goldie’s back in action, along with her friends at the Museum of Dunt, but it’s a whole new Terror this time that’s stirring up trouble. Even the Museum is acting up cause of it! Goldie’s got a Big Task ahead of her, if she’s to figure things out and save her friends from danger.

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House of Many Ways (Howl’s Moving Castle #3) By Diana Wynne Jones


I don’t see a 4th listed on Goodreads, but I wish there was!

Sophie, Howl, Calcifer, and even Morgan, are up to tricks and trouble once again, but again, they aren’t really the main characters! (They’re presence is still as powerful though! Never fear!)

This time it’s all about a young lady named Chairmain, and what happens while she’s looking after a Wizard’s house for him. Beyond that, it’s a lot of Howl-esque sorcery and Secrecy!

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Castle in the Air (Howl’s Moving Castle #2) by Diana Wynne Jones

Magic takes a whole new twist in this story!

The Main Character is not the Wizard howl, or Sophie, or even Calcifer! Never fear though, they’re all here, but you’ll have to look rather closely to find them!

This struck me as a rather interesting spin for a retelling of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, but there were certainly twists only Howl and his friends could bring about! If you liked Howl’s Moving Castle, don’t pass up this sequel just because it’s not focused on Howl or Sophie, you’ll be missing out on quite a lot of magic if you do!

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets By J. K. Rowling

Woo, finally got to the second book in the series!

Way more different from the movie then I would have guessed. 😮 Still plenty of action and excitement though! Even having watched the movie before, I was so suspicious of Percy Weasly the entire time. XD Never saw THAT coming though! Poor Ginny though, having to deal with all that

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Codex Alera: Princeps’ Fury By Jim Butcher

Oh… My… Gods…

Tavi is in deep trouble this time, folks! The Vord come out of hiding, The Icemen are attacking again, the Canim need to get home, and it’s ALL going to the underworld!

During a ‘get the Cane home’ mission Tavi’s been leading, things get really dicy when he finds an unexpected bad thing waiting there for him.

Meanwhile, Alera is falling apart! They need the troops who usually fight the Icemen of the north, and Isana’s been sent to be peacekeeper, can she get the support the rest of Alera needs?

Also, Surprize visitor! Who is the mysterious woman spotted talkign to First Lord Gaius?!

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