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The Keepers #3: Path of Beasts By Lian Tanner

Whoa 😮

Seeing as this is the end of the series (NOOOOO!!!) Everything’s gotta get wrapped up, but Oh Boy do things start unraveling faster, first!

Goldie and her crew gotta get back to Jewel, first of all, and then there’s the small matter of the Fugleman and his schemes, along with about half a dozen other NEW problems!

There was one part that, even though I saw it coming, still totally blew me away. 😮 I wish there was another story in this world, I’d like to see what happens AFTER everything!


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The Keepers #2: City of Lies By Lian Tanner

Ooooh Gods o.o Looks like the City of Jewel isn’t quite finished with it’s troubles yet!!

Goldie’s back in action, along with her friends at the Museum of Dunt, but it’s a whole new Terror this time that’s stirring up trouble. Even the Museum is acting up cause of it! Goldie’s got a Big Task ahead of her, if she’s to figure things out and save her friends from danger.

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Guys Read 4: Other Worlds Edited By Jon Scieszka


  • Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo By Rick Riordan

Bwehehehe! Poor Grover though, No breaks for him, even if he is Lord of the Wild and all.

  • Bouncing The Grinning Goat By Shannon Hale

Woo! I love a good ‘discovering Magic’ story! X3 This seems like an awesome intro to a longer series, I’ll have to do some poking around for this one!

  • The Scout By D. J. MacHale

Sigh, Secrets, they never end well. Poor Kit.

  • Rise of the RoboShoes By Tom Angleberger

Meh, just some randomness.

  • The Dirt on Our Shoes By Neal Shusterman

Interesting way to start a colony on a planet far, far away. I could see it happening too, maybe not how it happened in the story, but… yea… sent a bunch of microbes out into space and such. Plants too.

  • Plan B By Rebecca Stead

Bwehehehehehe! Alien Cats!

  • A Day in the Life By Shaun Tan

This made no sense at all, but yay for pictures!

  • The Klack Bros. Museum By Kenneth Oppel

Poor Ghost boy, but at least he’s free now.

  • The Warlords of Recess By Eric Nylund

Rules are Rules! X3

  • Frost and Fire By Ray Bradbury

Wow o.o I can’t imagine living in a world where life happens only in the span of 8 or 11 days.

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The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero By Rick Riordan


So! For those of you who might read this and are worried about reading ‘out of order’ if the Percy Jackson books didn’t seem interesting but this one does. Hate to say it, there’s things referenced in this book FROM the last Few of Percy Jackson, so, you might wanna go pick up the Percy Jackson books from your library.

That being said, there’s not a lot trying this book to the Percy Jackson books. It’s like….You get through Harry Potter, and there’s another Series set in the Same World with some of the Same Characters. Sort of Wizard College, but instead of following Harry, Your Following a New Kid from the background, one never mentioned before, as they make friends with Ron and Hermoine and the rest of the crew.

That’s pretty close to The Lost Hero here. It’s still Percy Jackson’s World, he’s still an element in it (for now, since he’s never given a speaking line in this book) but the book doesn’t follow him. So if you really don’t want to read the Percy Jackson books, you might be confused but you’ll be able to figure things out.

As for reaction time: OH MY GODS. O_O

SO much new stuff! And and and Secrets! And Another Prophecy! And NEW BAD GUYS O___O I can’t wait to see the other side of things! Curiosity Abounds!

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Asylum for Nightface By Bruce Brooks

I read this book once when I was little, before I realized it was about religion from one man’s point of view. I had saw the cover and thought ‘Whoa cool, superhero!’

Reading it now, seeing all the ‘god’ stuff again. Yea, still not interesting. It’s interesting how this guy’s mind works, but the god stuff, meh. I don’t much care about it one war or the other. Then and now though I could relate somewhat to Zimmerman’s ordeal of his parents and their ‘change’. I was dealing with the reverse, still am. I am the ‘god-less’ one, same as when I was little, so in a way I liked this book both then and now for the simple fact that it said even kids who worshiped this strange being called ‘God’ might not be understood by their families, even if I didn’t see it among my peers while growing up myself.

I still find this story resonates with me because of that. The struggle to understand and be understood. Mostly though, I wish more God-people would live by their words and ‘love thy neighbor’ instead of try to shove ‘the love of the lord’ down others throats if they just don’t want to sit and listen to someone condemn them for not having the same set of beliefs. Come on people, it’s called ‘Respect’. I don’t try to shove my beliefs down your throat, please don’t try to shove yours down mine. That’s all I ask.

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