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Asylum for Nightface By Bruce Brooks

I read this book once when I was little, before I realized it was about religion from one man’s point of view. I had saw the cover and thought ‘Whoa cool, superhero!’

Reading it now, seeing all the ‘god’ stuff again. Yea, still not interesting. It’s interesting how this guy’s mind works, but the god stuff, meh. I don’t much care about it one war or the other. Then and now though I could relate somewhat to Zimmerman’s ordeal of his parents and their ‘change’. I was dealing with the reverse, still am. I am the ‘god-less’ one, same as when I was little, so in a way I liked this book both then and now for the simple fact that it said even kids who worshiped this strange being called ‘God’ might not be understood by their families, even if I didn’t see it among my peers while growing up myself.

I still find this story resonates with me because of that. The struggle to understand and be understood. Mostly though, I wish more God-people would live by their words and ‘love thy neighbor’ instead of try to shove ‘the love of the lord’ down others throats if they just don’t want to sit and listen to someone condemn them for not having the same set of beliefs. Come on people, it’s called ‘Respect’. I don’t try to shove my beliefs down your throat, please don’t try to shove yours down mine. That’s all I ask.


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