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Ghosts of the Nile By Cheryl Harkness

Wow… okay… um…

This book is pretty short, and I’m not sure if it was supposed to be a fictional comic/story with real-world info, or just an info-dump? Props to the Author for trying, at least.

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Guys Read 4: Other Worlds Edited By Jon Scieszka


  • Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo By Rick Riordan

Bwehehehe! Poor Grover though, No breaks for him, even if he is Lord of the Wild and all.

  • Bouncing The Grinning Goat By Shannon Hale

Woo! I love a good ‘discovering Magic’ story! X3 This seems like an awesome intro to a longer series, I’ll have to do some poking around for this one!

  • The Scout By D. J. MacHale

Sigh, Secrets, they never end well. Poor Kit.

  • Rise of the RoboShoes By Tom Angleberger

Meh, just some randomness.

  • The Dirt on Our Shoes By Neal Shusterman

Interesting way to start a colony on a planet far, far away. I could see it happening too, maybe not how it happened in the story, but… yea… sent a bunch of microbes out into space and such. Plants too.

  • Plan B By Rebecca Stead

Bwehehehehehe! Alien Cats!

  • A Day in the Life By Shaun Tan

This made no sense at all, but yay for pictures!

  • The Klack Bros. Museum By Kenneth Oppel

Poor Ghost boy, but at least he’s free now.

  • The Warlords of Recess By Eric Nylund

Rules are Rules! X3

  • Frost and Fire By Ray Bradbury

Wow o.o I can’t imagine living in a world where life happens only in the span of 8 or 11 days.

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone By J. K. Rowling

Dude. DUDE. O_O

I never read the Harry Potter series before, I was into other things when this first book came out, and I never really picked up the books later on either while the series was still being completed. My first look into the Harry Potter World was the movies, but, BUT! Seeing’s how similar the two are, and how Different! I’m glad I finally started reading the series. There’s so much in the book that was Better, in my opinion, then the movies, and there’s parts of the Movies I still love that translated nicely from the book.

Definitely continuing on with the series, and maybe re-watching the movies again. X3

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The Wishing Tree By William Faulkner

Hard to follow. Seems like it has a pretty neat idea behind it but ┬áit was choppy and wasn’t easy to get into the story at all.

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The Rescuers: Miss Bianca By Margery Sharp

Miss Bianca certainly has a task set before her!

Orphaned young, Patience is taken into the custody of the Duchess, a wicked woman who cares nothing for the people she hurts, only how they can best serve her. When Miss Bianca learns of this, she calls on the Prisoners Aide Society to see if they can help the poor girl. It’s definitely not their usual task!

Miss Bianca grows more as a character this time around, just as she did before, and it’s wonderful to see that she can act independently of her male counterparts when the need arises. Bernard too shows his true colors doing everything he can to help Miss Bianca and her young charge.

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The Rescuers By Margery Sharp

I grew up with the Animated Movies of the Rescuers, I’m not sure which of the books the first movie or the second belonged to, But the movies certainly didn’t shine a light on Miss Bianca’s growth as a character from what I remember. It was nice to see her grow throughout the story to see her task completed in all ways. Definitely looking forward to the rest of the series!

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Pooh’s Fun with One By Cynthia Michaels

A Cute little story of how not to be sad when you have to play alone.

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