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Ghosts of the Nile By Cheryl Harkness

Wow… okay… um…

This book is pretty short, and I’m not sure if it was supposed to be a fictional comic/story with real-world info, or just an info-dump? Props to the Author for trying, at least.

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Storm Kings By Lee Sandlin

Not what I was expecting but still pretty awesome.

The history at times can be somewhat disjointed, but that’s mostly due to following specific people’s achievements, though they may pop up later again. There’s not a whole lot of science but there’s lots of talk about it without being too dull and there’s lots of interesting facts about how storm chasing and weather prediction as we know it today came about. Definitely worth a read if your interested in history, science and weather.

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Ancient Egypt Revealed By Peter Chrisp

Quick little nuggets of information. The book is aimed towards short attention spans/children, though some of the images might be better left for older kids, depending on the kid’s ‘too creepy!’ limits. Overall though pretty kid-safe. Not a lot of in-depth info, no surprise since it’s intended for younger kids.

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Ancient Egypt In 101 Questions and Answers By Thomas Schneider

Well done Thomas Schneider!

This book covers a lot of random questions at first look, but they aren’t really all that random if you bother to look closer. Each question in it’s category links to the other related questions before and after, as well as other questions further apart with related themes or points of interest. It’s not all dull either, with questions like ‘Were there comics in Ancient Egypt’ and ‘What did Ancient Egyptians Dream About’, I found a lot of interesting info in this Q&A style read. The answers aren’t very long at all but there’s enough info and interest to make them worth the read, and you can flip back and forth between questions your actually curious about if you only want a certain topic. It’s a great book for those just with a curiosity about Ancient Egypt that doesn’t run very deep, as well as those of us with a deep passion for the topic.

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Modern Nations of the World: Egypt By Stuart A. Kallen

My copy came out back in 1999 or so, so it’s most likely outdated. 1999 Edition written by Stuart A. Kallen

There’s still plenty of info in it’s pages though, as long as you keep in mind a lot has changed sicne it’s printing. It covers the whole span of Egypt’s history pretty much, with facts and factoids from Ancient Egypt, right up to printing day. It’s half travel guidebook with customs and government facts and half history lesson. I had a hard time reading through it, but I always do with nonfiction so I don’t hold it against the book at all. If your curious about how people viewed Egypt around 1999 and what was going on back then, go ahead and check it out.

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Egyptian Pyramids and Mastaba Tombs By Philip Watson

Despite it’s slim number of pages this is definitely NOT an introductory book. If I hadn’t read other Egyptology-themed books before this, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to follow along with the info, and even having read some I still had a little trouble, but that came more from my not being familiar with the info before hand, and not any fault of the book’s writer.

There’s quite a bit of info crammed all together in this book, it offers some unique insights far as I’ve come across so far, but it has it’s flaws as well. Even so it touches on a subject I haven’t seen many books on the topic touch on, the Mastaba Tombs. Most everyone is familiar with the Pyramids, but this is only the second book I’ve read so far that mentions the mastabas, and the first that has them as part of the title.

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A History of Ancient Egypt By John Romer

Very interesting. Took me a while to get through though. For all the awesome info it’s just one of those books where you start nodding off, even if you’re actually interested in the info. O.o Not sure how that works but it does, apparently. Would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in Ancient Egypt, just give yourself the time to read it instead of blitzing it.

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