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Unbored Games: Serious Fun for Everyone By Joshua Glenn & Elizabeth Foy Larsen

I received my copy through a Goodreads First reads Giveaway.

Games are great, aren’t they? Personally I LOVE Role Play games, often on Forums or Instant Messages over the internet. I love game system games (Playstation, anyone?) MMORPGs (Maplestory!) and even regular old Computer Games (The Sims!). Honestly, I love all kinds of games! but sometimes, a game gets a bit… boring. You play it so often, or run out of ideas, and end up going ‘meh, I’ll think of something later’.

Also, with a quickly growing Niece, I have a feeling I’ll be seeing her doing the ‘meh’ thing as she grows up and gets into games.

I can’t wait to break out this book for her and find something fun to play! There’s so many cool game ideas, and a lot of them sound super fun! from board-games to outside games to online games, this book’s got a little something for everyone, no matter what kind of games you like to play. :3


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Ghosts of the Nile By Cheryl Harkness

Wow… okay… um…

This book is pretty short, and I’m not sure if it was supposed to be a fictional comic/story with real-world info, or just an info-dump? Props to the Author for trying, at least.

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The Almond Tree By Michelle Cohen Corasanti

I got this book from the Goodreads Firstreads Givaway.

I got this book quite a while ago, and while it had sounded interesting in the giveaway it was part of, once I had it, I couldn’t seem to find a time when I wanted to read it. Mostly because of things hinted at on the ‘back of the book’ blurb. I finally decided to read it weather I was ‘ready’ or not.

This book I have very mixed feelings about. It’s a good story with wonderful lessons to be pulled from it, but I’ve never been a math person (I still can’t remember half my multiplication tables c.c; ) so a lot of the math stuff went right over my head. This book also brought up a LOT of possible trigger warnings for violence, detailed descriptions and situations for various things that while not a personal trigger warning for myself, still upset me quite a bit and made me uncomfortable. I wish I had known the kind of things this book would go into before I’d started reading it.

That said, the story was well-told and there were some beautiful moments where lessons could be pulled from and applied to Real life. I’m glad I finally read the book, but I don’t think I could recommend it to anyone without knowing their trigger warnings first. I cried through all of the first half of the book and most of the second half and I wouldn’t feel good recommending it to anyone that might have some of the things in this book as a trigger warning. Still, I did like the story presented the way it was and how attached to the characters I became (a mark of a good book to me!)

Like I said, I got mixed feelings on this one. o.o Read it at your own risk for Trigger Warnings, and have plenty of tissues ready.

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Spirit of the Wolf, By Linda Star Wolf & Casey Piscitelli

An absolutely beautiful book. The artwork is stunning and there is so much information set in such a way it’s like a wonderful story. There are lessons to be learned within these pages and I’m not sure any review I could make could do any justice to the book or it’s authors.

This book has spiritual lessons and stories from the authors and others about how Wolf is a Teacher and Guide, but there are no spells or meditations, only wonderful facts and stories of how Wolf has been a guide to the people involved, and some of the lessons they learned from Wolf in some form or another. There’s also a small section about Wolf’s link to Anubis/Anpu, one of many Canine Beings who guide and Teach in his own ways, even if sometimes misunderstood.

I found a lot of similarities to myself within this book as well, when the personal stories came to light through the pages. I remembered being similar on more then a few points! X3 So I guess for me, finally reading this book is a sort of mini-confirmation I’m at least going in the right direction, spiritually.

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Storm Kings By Lee Sandlin

Not what I was expecting but still pretty awesome.

The history at times can be somewhat disjointed, but that’s mostly due to following specific people’s achievements, though they may pop up later again. There’s not a whole lot of science but there’s lots of talk about it without being too dull and there’s lots of interesting facts about how storm chasing and weather prediction as we know it today came about. Definitely worth a read if your interested in history, science and weather.

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Draw 50 – Dogs By Lee J. Ames

Not a lot of reading instruction or detailed images to follow, this book operates on ‘see the image, draw the image’. It might work for others but for me, it dosn’t. Picked up this book hoping to figure out how to possibly draw wolves but I think I’ll look elsewhere.

that being said, the book is easy to follow at least. you are shown about a page worth of images about a specific breed in a specific pose and get a little mini-fact about the breed as well, but that’s about it.

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ABC Crochet By Mitsuki Hoshi

Pretty neat! Plenty of pictures for the visual learner or when the written instructions are confusing, lots of cute critters and helpful hints and tips. The only part I didn’t like was the patterns. I’ve never seen crochet patterns like that before. o.o I’ve made Amigurumi things before but the patterns for then were all written out like ch and dch instead of having a circular image to follow. Maybe it’s just a different of culture? Still pretty awesome. The patterns here show you about where you should be in the actual creation of each piece which could be helpful for beginners. Though the naturally tiny size of these critters might bump the level up past beginner, but that’s easy enough to fix by using a larger hook and yarn type.

I think it’s be neat to make a couple of these critters and use them as gifts for animal lovers.

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