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The Queen’s Army (The Lunar Chronicles 1.5) By Marissa Meyer

Ooooh, a look at something only briefly mentioned in Cinder. 😮 Interesting, Interesting!


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The Lunar Chronicles: Cinder By Marissa Meyer

Wasn’t sure I’d like this story when I picked it up, seeing as I never read the original fairy-tales and grew up on Disney Versions, but it turned out pretty awesome!

I got some ideas of how the rest of the series might be linked, from the hints dropped here, but I’ll have to wait and find out won’t I? Time for the next book!

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On the Bridge (The Infernal Devices 0.5) By Cassandra Clare

Too short! Will and Jem have always seemed to have an interesting relationship in the books, and the subject of their chat was intriguing! i wish I knew the answer. 😮

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The Little Android (The Lunar Chronicles 0.6) by Marissa Meyer

Oh man. D: The feels. T-T

This one starts off with a little Mechanic Robot, and quickly tugs at the heartstrings. I just… The feels, man. D: so many.

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Glitches (The Lunar Chronicles 0.5) By Marissa Meyer

Having never read Cinder, I can’t say I have much understanding of the world this short story gives a glimpse of. It fills in the usual beginnings for a retelling pretty well. All the key elements were there. I’ll just have to see where it goes from here!

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Guys Read 4: Other Worlds Edited By Jon Scieszka


  • Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo By Rick Riordan

Bwehehehe! Poor Grover though, No breaks for him, even if he is Lord of the Wild and all.

  • Bouncing The Grinning Goat By Shannon Hale

Woo! I love a good ‘discovering Magic’ story! X3 This seems like an awesome intro to a longer series, I’ll have to do some poking around for this one!

  • The Scout By D. J. MacHale

Sigh, Secrets, they never end well. Poor Kit.

  • Rise of the RoboShoes By Tom Angleberger

Meh, just some randomness.

  • The Dirt on Our Shoes By Neal Shusterman

Interesting way to start a colony on a planet far, far away. I could see it happening too, maybe not how it happened in the story, but… yea… sent a bunch of microbes out into space and such. Plants too.

  • Plan B By Rebecca Stead

Bwehehehehehe! Alien Cats!

  • A Day in the Life By Shaun Tan

This made no sense at all, but yay for pictures!

  • The Klack Bros. Museum By Kenneth Oppel

Poor Ghost boy, but at least he’s free now.

  • The Warlords of Recess By Eric Nylund

Rules are Rules! X3

  • Frost and Fire By Ray Bradbury

Wow o.o I can’t imagine living in a world where life happens only in the span of 8 or 11 days.

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Stories of the Supernatural By Robert Louis Stevenson

  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – What happens when Doctor Henry Jekyll, an up and coming, somewhat well known scientist, turns his scientific curiosities towards the true nature of man? He’s about to find out, and though it might delight his scientific mind at first, his experiments bring Danger to his very doorstep.
    Edward Hyde, on the other hand, fears not the specter of Danger, and in fact, revels in it, and Blood-lust, and Pain. Addicted to the natural high of violence, Hyde shows no signs of halting his bad behavior, nor returning to his slumbering ways.
  • The Bottle Imp – Keawe, a Hawaiian Native, traveling one day, discovers a man with a strange fortune in the form of a bottle. Keawe’s curiosity gets the better of him, and as the tale of the bottle and it’s leads to fortune are explained to him, he was wiser to trust his first doubts then to do as he did, but the deed is done, and now come the consequences. After all, it is only a bottle, what harm could a bottle do…?
  • Markheim – A Clock-dealer, Christmas, and a horrible, horrible driving force lead Markheim to an act of violence, will he be caught? Can he be saved from himself?
  • The Body-Snatcher – Medicine hasn’t ever had a pristine start, But what Two Medical Students do to further knowledge weights heavily on their consciences. Until they forget their involvement at least, but then, who knows, maybe their past will come back to haunt them.

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