The Scribe By Antonio Garrido

I got this book from a Goodreads Firstreads giveaway some time ago.

I really wish I could give this book more then 2 stars, but sadly, I can’t.

The overall plot was good, some parts of the action were good, most of the time I was completely absorbed into the story!

But then I’d get jarred out of it again.

The Latin adds to the setting, but if you can’t read it or understand it (like I can’t), then it’s hard to understand what’s being said, especially if there’s no hint of what the translation is. This would have been fine if there had been a little translation cliff-note, or a section in the back with the sentences written out in English. Instead, I had to leave the story, open google translate, and try to make sense of it. Hard to do when the translation site couldn’t translate one word out of the lot, leaving it in Latin.

Another thing that pulled me out of the story was how, sometimes, the Main Female character could be SO Mary-Sue like. If your not familiar with this Term, it means the Character could be replaced with anyone else, fitting the setting or not, and no one would know the difference. Mary-Sues are the Perfect Character without flaw. Sometimes the Main Female Character in this story came off very much like a Mary-Sue type. Other times, she came off as just an idiot. Not wanting to add spoilers, it’s hard to give a solid example of such parts of the story. She also sometimes completely changed her core personality at random, making her very hard to connect to.

There were also redundancies, where a character would do something, take a moment to speak or do something else a few feet away, and then run and do the exact same action again, as if the first time never happened. Or things would be mentioned Suddenly and without explanation.

In the case of things being suddenly brought up with out explanation, I understand wanting the reader to learn as they go along with the Main character, but there was at least one instance where this sort of thing just didn’t work, and it made me stop reading to look back at the previous few chapters searching to see if I had missed a previous mention of the issue that had been mentioned.

Another thing adding to the low score was situations presented in the book. There’s a reason I don’t read some kinds of books, and when I read the blurb for this one and entered the contest, there was no mention that these situations would go INTO DETAIL as they happened. I can forgive a book when they skim over things when they happen, but when the whole plot is sent sideways because of it, then I lose serious interest in even continuing the story.

Due to all of that, despite the actually PURE GOLD of the other parts of the book (the parts I wish the ENTIRE story was written with), I can’t validate even giving this story a better score. In this case, the bad far outweighs the good.


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