The Almond Tree By Michelle Cohen Corasanti

I got this book from the Goodreads Firstreads Givaway.

I got this book quite a while ago, and while it had sounded interesting in the giveaway it was part of, once I had it, I couldn’t seem to find a time when I wanted to read it. Mostly because of things hinted at on the ‘back of the book’ blurb. I finally decided to read it weather I was ‘ready’ or not.

This book I have very mixed feelings about. It’s a good story with wonderful lessons to be pulled from it, but I’ve never been a math person (I still can’t remember half my multiplication tables c.c; ) so a lot of the math stuff went right over my head. This book also brought up a LOT of possible trigger warnings for violence, detailed descriptions and situations for various things that while not a personal trigger warning for myself, still upset me quite a bit and made me uncomfortable. I wish I had known the kind of things this book would go into before I’d started reading it.

That said, the story was well-told and there were some beautiful moments where lessons could be pulled from and applied to Real life. I’m glad I finally read the book, but I don’t think I could recommend it to anyone without knowing their trigger warnings first. I cried through all of the first half of the book and most of the second half and I wouldn’t feel good recommending it to anyone that might have some of the things in this book as a trigger warning. Still, I did like the story presented the way it was and how attached to the characters I became (a mark of a good book to me!)

Like I said, I got mixed feelings on this one. o.o Read it at your own risk for Trigger Warnings, and have plenty of tissues ready.


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