Spirit of the Wolf, By Linda Star Wolf & Casey Piscitelli

An absolutely beautiful book. The artwork is stunning and there is so much information set in such a way it’s like a wonderful story. There are lessons to be learned within these pages and I’m not sure any review I could make could do any justice to the book or it’s authors.

This book has spiritual lessons and stories from the authors and others about how Wolf is a Teacher and Guide, but there are no spells or meditations, only wonderful facts and stories of how Wolf has been a guide to the people involved, and some of the lessons they learned from Wolf in some form or another. There’s also a small section about Wolf’s link to Anubis/Anpu, one of many Canine Beings who guide and Teach in his own ways, even if sometimes misunderstood.

I found a lot of similarities to myself within this book as well, when the personal stories came to light through the pages. I remembered being similar on more then a few points! X3 So I guess for me, finally reading this book is a sort of mini-confirmation I’m at least going in the right direction, spiritually.


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