An Update, of Sorts.

Yes I’m still alive! Have I had the time I wanted to read books? Not quite so much.

My Sister had a Baby Girl last year, and for a while, I only babysat for her once in a great while. Shortly after my previous entry (Tyger Tyger) I found myself babysitting almost everyday, sometimes half the day, sometimes all day. That trend hasn’t let up any, and picking up Crochet again hasn’t helped with time to read!

However, a recent shift in Sister’s schedual has me with a free day, so here’s what I’m currently reading:

  • The Almond Tree By Michelle Cohen Corasanti
  • Teeth: Vampire Tales, Edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling
  • The Adventures of Robin Hood by Paul Creswick

Right now I’m about a hundred pages into Almond Tree, and I’ve cried like three times cause of it. So that one will be a slower read while I give myself time to get over the emotions the story brings up. I’ve already started writing my little mini-reviews for Teeth but I’m saving those stories for Baby’s Naptime, and Robin Hood I started so long ago I’m starting over, just to refresh my memory. but yes, reviews are coming! I got a few more books waiting to be read as well, but I think these three are a good start for now.

Also, if you follow any of my other blogs, a few of them are undergoing a complete make-over! Why not go check them out? I’ll have links for them up in the ‘about’ page by tonight.


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