Benny Imura #1 Rot & Ruin By Jonathan Maberry

The Zombie Apocalypse Happened.

Nearly 15 years ago Zombies started their reign of terror. No one’s sure how – Radiation, Virus. It doesn’t matter. Zombies have ruled pretty much ever since.
Small communities sheltered themselves, collected together, long enough to understand how to protect themselves. Bounty Hunters became a thing, to get rid of the zombies attacking people. Not all of them are good though.

Tom Imura is a Bounty Hunter, a good one, but he’s a different sort then most. In this post, post-Zombie-Apocalypse setting, when someone turns 15 they have to take up a job of some kind, or get their food ration budget cut by half. Tom’s little Brother, Benny, is about to turn 15. Benny wants an easy job with little work, only, he’s not having much luck finding one, and he despises the ‘Family Business’, and his Brother.

Not all is what it seems though.


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