Cloak of Shadows By C. K. Dawn

I received my copy from a Goodreads Firstreads giveaway.

Ooooh gods o.o Can this be a thing? Please? This is so going on my ‘awesome’ shelf.

The beginning is a little annoying in regards to Abby, but she’s a spunky 14 year old girl, that’s to be expected XD I remember being nearly as annoying at 14. Lourdes is a good counterpoint for the hyperactive teen.

I have to say this reads more like Lourdes’ Story then Abby’s though. I know the bit on the back makes it seem like Abby is the main focus, and she might end up being the main focus as the series goes on, but right now this seems more like Lourdes’ story and not Abby’s. There were missed opportunities for potentially awesome scenes so it’s more a ‘slice of life’ style read, at least until you get to the big event at the end, when all the action comes out to play! I LOVED that part. I hope there’s more of it in the next book. This is the first in a series though, so I expected world-building to be the basis. It did very little of that actually, which it could get away with being based on Earth, probably an AU Earth where this stuff could happen, but still earth in present-day format so the world-building wasn’t needed as heavily and it worked out nice the bit of world building that there was. There was some backtracking where stuff could have worked better if mentioned earlier (or maybe I just missed it? Possible, seeing as I sped though the story. XD ) and some thing s I wish had been done a little differently, but still a way awesome story. I think I might have to shelve it next to my copy of Treasure Island despite the things I disliked, which is about the highest compliment I can give a new book since Treasure Island is on the top of my favorites list.

The story really sucked me in from the day I received it in the mail, the only thing that stopped me from finishing it sooner was library books about to run out of time. ^^; Definitely give this book a try if you like sci-fi, urban-updates to older stories, and new twists to classic tales!


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