Informational Interview Handbook By Jeff Neil

I received this book from a Goodreads Firstreads Giveaway.

I didn’t find this book helpful at all. There was way too much repetition in the first half of the book and it focused too much on LinkedIn, and the second half I fell asleep while reading, and couldn’t focus over all the repetition to actually read.

The parts I could read, It read like it was supposed to be an e-book of some kind, with things like ‘click here’. And when it referenced color in images, they should have used color in the images instead of black and white.

Seemed more like a pitch for selling services more then a helpful how-to book, and the ‘ways to find people regardless of their settings on LinkedIn’ was just down right scary. People use those settings for a reason after all.

All in all I think I’ll go to another book. This one was just not well written in my opinion, and down right creepy.


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