The Coldest Girl in Coldtown By Holly Black

Ooooh my gods o.o

So! We have Tara, and Gavriel… am I spelling that right? One a teenage human, one a Vampire who’s been alive a long, long time. There’s also this huge plot about The Thorn of… I’m not even gonna try and spell the city’s name, but he works for someone known as The Spider, an Old, Powerful Vampire. This is not like any Vampire story I’ve ever hear before, and I liked it.

Usually I don’t listen to audiobooks, since they don’t stay in my mind for very long and they’re easy to interrupt and miss something, but this one was pretty good. I’ll still come back later and read the actual book at some point down the line though, most likely. XD


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Filed under Audio Books, Fiction, Holly Black, Supernatural, Teen Fiction, Vampires

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