Diabetes 911 By Larry A. Fox and Sandra L. Weber

Focused a lot on Insulin Pumps, which is fine if you need them, but not a lot for other types of Diabetes troubleshooting or emergencies. The travel section didn’t say much about traveling within your country or via car, how to handle that kind of travel if your newly diagnosed, or by ship.

Still there were a few kernels of information that could be used by anyone with Diabetes or for family members of a Diabetic; the Sick-Day Section and Bad-Weather Section for example. Still, wish it covered more for people not on Insulin pumps, that kind of information isn’t helpful if you don’t need it, y’know? I got a family member newly diagnosed who only used shots, what do we do if the shots stop working but the medicine inside is fine? That’s the kind of info I was hoping to get, but this book didn’t cover that. So I guess I’ll keep looking for the stuff not covered in this book.


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