Percy Jackson and the Olympians 3 – The Titan’s Curse By Rick Riordan

Oh… my… GODS…

We’re meeting two new Demies, Bianca and Nico! And Oh Gods, their Olympian Parent. o.o

And Percy! and Annabeth! and we meet Artemis and her Maiden Hunters, and Zoe! Gah! @-@ So many awesome characters step in on this one!

This is the best Percy Jackson story I’ve read so far, and being COMPLETELY new to the series and not having read the OTHER Series of Percy Jackson, I don’t have much to go on for Best of the series, but, BUT! I can honestly say this is Best so far. Holy Hells o.o So Much Story, So Much Drama, So Much ACTION!

I have some theories on Luke…. Theories I’m not liking… but still!


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