Ancient Egypt In 101 Questions and Answers By Thomas Schneider

Well done Thomas Schneider!

This book covers a lot of random questions at first look, but they aren’t really all that random if you bother to look closer. Each question in it’s category links to the other related questions before and after, as well as other questions further apart with related themes or points of interest. It’s not all dull either, with questions like ‘Were there comics in Ancient Egypt’ and ‘What did Ancient Egyptians Dream About’, I found a lot of interesting info in this Q&A style read. The answers aren’t very long at all but there’s enough info and interest to make them worth the read, and you can flip back and forth between questions your actually curious about if you only want a certain topic. It’s a great book for those just with a curiosity about Ancient Egypt that doesn’t run very deep, as well as those of us with a deep passion for the topic.


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Filed under Egyptology, History

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