Join #pages4progress to give $1 to World Education for every page you read this summer!

Join #pages4progress to give $1 to World Education for every page you read this summer!.

Okay guys, so I just found this thing going on. Many of you probably haven’t heard of it either but if you have, great! What’s going on, far as I can tell, is this group is trying to help kids learn to read while they’re still kids, so that the number of Adults who can’t read will go down, this means providing the education to learn how to read to kids all over the place. You don’t need to sign up or give out your address (though your first log will ask for it, I had no issues with leaving those lines blank) and for each page you read, a donor from the program will put up $1 towards the goal of getting kids the education to read. they’re going for

20,015 pages by September 8th

It doesn’t take long to log your pages at all, and you can help a kid learn to read as a step to end adult illiteracy. They have a GoodReads Group all set to go, or you can get more info at the webpage they set up.

We’re reading anyways for ourselves right? All those stories we love so much, why not give a kid a chance to find those stories and love them as much as we do? I’ll be entering every page I read until September 8th in bulk as I finish my books. I hope you’ll join me in adding pages and make a difference for someone out there.


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