Codex Alera: Princeps’ Fury By Jim Butcher

Oh… My… Gods…

Tavi is in deep trouble this time, folks! The Vord come out of hiding, The Icemen are attacking again, the Canim need to get home, and it’s ALL going to the underworld!

During a ‘get the Cane home’ mission Tavi’s been leading, things get really dicy when he finds an unexpected bad thing waiting there for him.

Meanwhile, Alera is falling apart! They need the troops who usually fight the Icemen of the north, and Isana’s been sent to be peacekeeper, can she get the support the rest of Alera needs?

Also, Surprize visitor! Who is the mysterious woman spotted talkign to First Lord Gaius?!


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Filed under Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction, Supernatural

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