Magicals Anonymous: Stray Souls By Kate Griffin aka Catherine Webb

I warn you all now, Getting into this story makes one’s mind hurt. It’s chapters are confusing jumping from character to character at first, but thankfully short, so short they’re numerous! 111 Chapters. o.o I’ve never read a book with that many Chapters before, but it seems each one is under 50 pages max (don’t quote me on that! I didn’t sit and figure which chapter was longest and how many pages it was).

But if you can get past the confusing set-up and the way the characters talk sometimes (Oddly accurate for actual talking but weird to see on paper.) then the story is actually pretty freaking awesome! The writing style got in the way for me, thus only 2 stars. Still, the story is awesome, the characters are interesting, and the hints and such are placed really well, you just gotta get past the confusing opening and strange formatting of how things were written.

Seeing as this is book one in a Duo (far as I know) I think I’d like to see what’s coming next, now that I’m used to Kate’s style a bit.


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Filed under Fiction, Mystery, Science Fiction, Supernatural

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