Side Jobs By Jim Butcher

  • A Restoration of Faith

Harry learns a very big lesson from a little girl.

  • Vignette

It’s all about the publicity when your getting a business off the ground, or keeping it running.

  • Something Borrowed

True love for a few wolves, who woulda seen this coming? D’aw, so cute.

  • It’s My Birthday, Too

Valentines Day holds a Super-Special meaning for Harry, but like many things for our dear wizard, it doesn’t exactly go as planned!

  • Heorot

Oooh boy. Poor Harry. He never gets the easy cases does he? On the plus side, he gets to meet a very special lady, and by special I mean Supernatural, bwahaha!

  • Day Off

 Covered this one in a review of Blood Lite, but I’ll say it again. Poor Harry, there’s no such thign as a day off. X3

  • Backup

 EEE! Finally a story focused on Tomas! I haven’t seen him much in the  series just yet, I’m only up to Blood Rites as I post this, but he’s always seemed pretty awesome for a Vampire.

  • The Warrior

 Pretty heavy ending for this story. Lots to think about here. Michael and Harry as a team once more on the whole though, fighting against things that need fighting against, on different levels.

  • Last Call

 Not Mac’s Beer! That’s right, someone’s messing with the brewer. Harry’s on the case, and so is Murphy! Now, who’s messing with the brews?

  • Love Hurts

 Seems the pain never stops for poor Harry. This time he’s up against a bit of a challenge along with Murphy. Wonder how they’ll walk away from this one.

  • Aftermath

Say it ain’t so!!! Dresden’s out of the picture this time, but Murphy and the Werewolves seem to have things well in hand, for the moment. Like Dresden once noted, Murphy might not look like a Monster-hunting Valkyrie, but that’s what she is, she just has a gun instead of a sword. Huzzah!


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