Majix By Douglas Rees

Definitely a book to take a good close look at. Kestrel Murphy is a teenage witch, a ‘bad’ witch. She’s mad at the universe and things aren’t going the way she wants, but when there’s a family emergency, she finds out it’s going to get worse before it starts getting better, and it all depends on her.

Being a teenager is hard enough, it gets even harder when something unique about you comes into the mix of the typical high school dramas. If any of my lil’ cousins, nieces or nephews get to acting like Kestrel in the first half of the book, especially if something unique gets thrown into the mix, I hope I notice it and can hand them this book soon enough, cause as long as you stick through the teen drama in the first half, you’ll start to see the true colors of Kestrel.


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Filed under Fiction, Science Fiction, Teen Fiction

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