Book Haul 001

Woo! So, way back on the 16th I was able to go to a Library Book Sale. I love those things, it’s one of the few times I can get a bunch of books all at once. I also got two books from a Church sale, so that was double the awesome, and I figured I might as well tell about my spoils of the sales!

  1. Black Cat Volume 1: The Man Called Black Cat By Kentaro Yabuki
  2. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Stories of the Supernatural By Robert Louis Stevenson
  3. Chronicles of Narnia 02: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe By C. S. Lewis
  4. The Privilege of the Sword By Ellen Kushner
  5. Majix: Notes From a Serious Teen Witch By Douglas Rees
  6. E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial in his adventures on Earth By William Kotzwinkle (Based on a screenplay by Melissa Mathison)
  7. Eyewitness Series: Mummy By James Putnam
  8. Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister By Gregory Maguire
  9. Harry Potter 5: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix By J. K. Rowling
  10. A Journey to the Center of The Earth By Jules Verne
  11. The Da Vinci Code By Dan Brown
  12. The Dragon Chronicles 4: Ancient, Strange and Lovely By Susan Fletcher
  13. The Inheritance Cycle 2: Eldest By Christopher Paolini
  14. Inkworld 2: Inkspell
  15. Series ? Book ?: Art of the Ancient World By Bernard Ashmole

I’ve already read and reviewed two of them; that’s why they’re clickable. The others I’ll get to in my own time. As you can see some are part of a series so I’ll be doing the series in order and they’ll have to wait their turns. But yea! These are the books I picked up at the sales, and I got all of these for just over $10 total. This is why I LOVE Library book sales. ❤ So many books for so little, far more then I could get going into a bookstore with the same amount of cash, and I’m supporting my local Library as well. That’s all for now, Support your local libraries and get some new books the next time a sale is advertised in your area, you never know what you’ll find!


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