Your Book of Shadows By Patricia Telesco

The closest thing I can compare a Pagan/Wiccan/Other’s Book of Shadows/Life/Living, is the christian Bible, the muslim Quran/Koran, and other Holy Books from other systems. It’s the written why of someone’s faith. The big difference is that each person’s Book belongs only to them or their group. Christians of all varieties all believe in the Bible, it’s a Group Book, and Groups of Pagans/Wiccans/Others often do have their Group Books, PLUS individuals have their privet books.

This one could help you create a Privet personal book or a group book, it’s all in the goal you have in mind. While it’s geared a lot towards Wiccans, I think plenty of other kinds of Pagans and Others can use the ideas of layout from this book to help make their own books. I myself am Kemetic Pagan, I follow a path of the Ancient Egyptian Deities, so while I’m not Wiccan, I did find a lot of the info on putting together my own book very useful, and got some ideas on how to suit the info to my own beliefs easily. You just have to have an open mind to make the info work for your own beliefs.


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