The Last Herald Mage: Magic’s Price By Mercedes Lackey

o/` All those who would be Magic’s Pride must then pay Magic’s Price o/`

Although time-jumps and skips were a bit of a problem all throughout the series, this was still a very powerful ending to a very amazing story. All the Feels… just… all the Feels…

Vanyel’s going up against the biggest, baddest enemy he’s ever faced, he’ll be hurt deeper then ever, and have to fight harder then any other time to complete his tasks. I wish there were more books from Vanyel’s point of view, some of the skipped events or something. Luckily for me there’s still plenty of books in the Valdemar world! I can’t wait to see how the world-story continues after Vanyel’s time in the next series set in the Valdemar world.


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