YuYu Hakusho: Lonesome Ghosts By Yoshihiro Togashi

Woo! Everyone’s favorite bad-tempered ghost is back in part two! Yusuke Yurameshi is a high school boy who often skips going to school, gets into fights with every bully in the city, and has a reputation of being the baddest thug around, when one day, a selfless act of saving a kid from getting turned into a road-pancake leaves Yusuke as a ghost! He’s been put to some tests to come back to life since the Afterlife doesn’t know what else to do with him, having no place prepared for him when he died, but it’s not going to be easy! Time’s starting to run out, and Yusuke’s out of options if he messes this last chance up badly!

Will he finally come back to life or will he be doomed to remain a ghost forever?! GASP AND SHOCK!

I’m so tempted to quote the TV show now. XD ‘Next time, on Yu*Yu*Hakusho!’


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