Precious Stone Trilogy: Sapphire Blue By Kerstin Gier

Woo! The Mystery deepens! Goes Gideon really love Gwen? Does Gwen love Gideon? Who’s the little gargoyle from book one?! ALL ARE ANSWERED!

The Count makes a return, Aunt Maddy has another vision about the Ruby, ooh, just so much is hinted at! I have a sinking suspicion the Count is doing his level best to make things go his way, whatever the cost. Ooh, I dunno weather to hope he gets his way or hope he fails horribly. Probably fails horribly. I’m liking the idea of him failing something. Bwaha!

And We might finally get to see what happened in one of the first time trips from Ruby Red, or at least, it’s hinted at! I wonder if I’m right or if I’m wrong. Must find out! ON TO BOOK THREE!


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