The Dresden Files: Death Masks By Jim Butcher

Oooh boy. So!

Demons are coming out of the woodwork this time around! You know what that means, folks!

We also meet the other Knights of the Cross! Shiro and Sanya, together with Michael, make up the Three Knights, the Fists of God. Shiro’s the eldest, Michael has the experience, and Sanya is the newest of the group, and guess what, he knows a thing or two about the real baddies! Gasp and Shock!

Susan makes a return as well, along with another halfie called Martin. Right on the heels of Ortega. You’ll remember him from Bianca’s last party, yes?

We also meet some of the Carpenters! Naturally, where Michael Goes, Charity’s worrying not far behind, but we also meet the kids this time!

But oh, the best part; I think Harry Dresden is going to be getting a bit more stained in books to come. Sneaky sneaky, Baddies, if not subtle.

Onward to the next case file!


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