TBR Number Generator and Goodreads App

Okay, so, my goodreads ‘To Be Read’ pile is…. quite large, to say the least. So in order to cut that down, I am going to start doing random number generators! I plan to read one book of my own choosing from any source – Library, my own collection, purchase it, and one book from my TBR list. Mind this dose not include my physical ‘tbr’ pile. Some of them are in my goodreads, other are not. I’ll fix that later.

For now, the list is at a total of 832 books. Yeaaaaa… Since this list will shrink with each book taken off the list, expect to see repeating numbers, since they won’t be the same titles each time. I mean come on, a list of 832 books, I could get 11  a dozen times or more and still get different books.

So let’s get this taken care of shall we? Now I am reading a book from my list already because I want to finish the series, so that one is my ‘book of choice’ and it’s Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Death Masks.

The Random number generator has chosen for me, book number 826! Luckily for me, that’s one already in my personal pile. Book 826 is (most likely out of date) Modern Nations of the Wold: Egypt By Stuart A. Kallen.

Also, I’ve been having a liiiittle trouble remembering which books I’ve already read and which ones I haven’t. Lucky me I discovered the Goodreads App through a Booktuber, YA BookwormBlogger! She had a video posted of her fave Bookish Apps, take a look at the video here:

After taking a look at the Goodreads App myself, I figured this would be perfect! I could scan in books I want to read later from the library, and take a quick look through my shelves to see if I’ve already read the book by simply having a shelf on my goodreads labeled owned, as well as the standard ‘read’ shelf. This is definitely going to help me figure out what books to check from the library next! With all the sun finally coming through and it’s not so cold here, I’ll be walking back and forth from the library quite often. 😀


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