The Obsidian Trilogy: The Outstretched Shadow By Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory

Ooooh Gods, If a story was ever deserving of the title ‘epic’…

Let’s start at the beginning! The first one we meet is Kellen Tavadon, Son of the highest ranking Mage in the city of Armethalieh. We also meet his Father, his Mage-Tutor, and a host of other, just as important characters that our young Kellen never would have dream-pt of meeting before his adventures!

So, the basics, Danger is coming to the Golden City, none of them knows it, and NO ONE knows just how close the danger really is!

Kellen is longing for something new in the all-too-slowly (if ever) changing city, and chafing like so many young people do under the rules of his home, though for quite different reasons then I ever expected! The Fun begins when he finally DOES find something new, and the cost of finding it is everything Kellen has ever known up to that point. 😮

This is only part one of a larger story, so the action’s not over yet! Gather your supplies and your power, Mages, It’s a cold and bitter winter over the horizon for Kellen and his new friends!


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