The Dresden Files: Summer Knight By Jim Butcher

Ah, another mystery solves, and more supernatural baddies kicked around!

It’s all about the Fae in this one, folks! Grab your pixie dust, your fairy-english translation guide and, just in case, a bit of Iron, The Nevernever’s most famous residents (aside from Dragons) are going to have some words, y’all. Words.

Also, it’s the return of Toot-Toot! He’s such a spazzy lil guy! Billy and the Werewolves also make a comeback! You always know when the Pack’s got your back.

Also, the Changlings are introduced. Say hello, cause I have a feeling it won’t be the last time we see them!

And a Shadow from Harry’s Past comes a calling as well. Oooh… I feel bad already. Poor Harry.


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Filed under Detective, Mystery, Science Fiction, Supernatural, The Dresden Files, Werewolves

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