The Dresden Files: Grave Peril By Jim Butcher

Yes yes, I already did a review on the audio book version. BUT OH WELL!

3rd in the Dresden Files, Grave Peril introduces some new characters – Bianca the Vampiress, Ortega the Red Court of Vampires Representative, Michael Carpenter, Fist of God and wielder of one Holy Sword. Also, a reintroduction to some characters seen before; Susan Rodriguez the headstrong supernatural reporter, Karrin Murphy, Head Cop of Special Cases Chicago PD, Bob the skull. Harry’s gotten himself in another bad spot and this time we’re going to see the Vampires! With Ghosts going crazy, a Nightmare on the loose, Plenty of Dark Magic hurting Innocent Mortals and a Party for the new Baddest Vamp on the block, Harry’s having to think fast and work even faster to figure out just what’s going on and try to stop it, before all the NeverNever breaks lose.


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Filed under Detective, Science Fiction, Supernatural, The Dresden Files, Vampires

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