Alexandria: The Last Nights of Cleopatra By Peter Stothard

A Memoir, almost an Auto-biography, it’s rather interesting, to follow the memories of the author through the daily life of an unplanned trip to Alexandria, a place he’s apparently been imagining since childhood in one form or another. There’s a slight mystery that will probably never be solved about his trio of guides and their quirks aside from the trio and their families themselves. I wonder if they know they’re in a book now?

Somewhat of a dry read until you get into it, it’s more dry if your looking for ‘Cleopatra’ and deserts and ancient times IN the deserts rather then the mind of an Author as he revisits different times in his life and different attempts at writing about one famous Cleopatra. Otherwise it’s a pretty interesting little look at what happened in the past, and in the first month of 2011 in the city of Alexandria.

Also it gives one a curiosity, what might his Cleopatra story have been, if he had written it as he originally wanted, so many years ago, a fiction? or as a middle-aged man, would it have been more of a history? Whatever it would have been, this is what it is now; a look back for the author, and a few new details and things to check out for the curious.


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