The Mage Wars: The White Gryphon by Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon

Skan returns! With whole new problems and enemies to boot! I’d say this story is… darker… not a fun ‘darker’ like with Dracula, not ‘horror’ darker, there’s a particularly twisted character in this book that I am DEFINITELY glad I didn’t have to dream up to pit against the hero, and it’s this character that makes me say this book, is NOT for even the young teens, I’d say anyone under about 18 should leave this book alone despite being fantasy. Maybe some 20-somethings shouldn’t pick it up either if they have certain fears or types of pasts, it could trigger some pretty bad stuff I’d bet if the bad guy hit a little too close to home, so to speak.

Still, I loved the story. After reading book one I was hoping Skan would return, and so he has! You’ll love the new cast as well (bad guy pending of course…)

And guess what? Our favorite little gryphon returns as well, Kechara! The part she plays gives me a lot of respect for her, in her capabilities, despite being what the gryphons call ‘misborn’. She’s such a cutie the way she acts, but one can’t forget, she’s a strong little gryphon as well. if you do happen to forget it, don’t worry, you’ll be reminded!


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