The Mage Wars: The Black Gryphon By Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon

Oh… my… Gods…

This… this is… just… amazing. Skandranon, and Zhaneel, and Amberdrake…. I went into this book knowing nothing about them, or any parts they may play in other stories from this world in other series companions, but I came out with a lot of respect for them all, the ending had me in tears at the sadness of loss and the joy of ‘friends’ surviving. Simply an amazing story that I can’t find the words for a more proper review for. I got so wrapped up in the story that, even feeling drained and picking up about 3 other books to start and not feeling the want to read, I sped through this book in the equivalent of just under a day, considering how late I picked it up from the library. This is definitely going on my list of ‘all time faves’.


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Filed under Fantasy, Supernatural

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