The Millionaire and the Mummies By John M. Adams

Mmmmkay. Let’s revisit English class for a moment here, kids. When writing about someone else, PUT THE FACTS IN ORDER.

Yes this is a biography, yes it has tons of interesting info, yes it covers Egypt but for the love of all that is good, DO NOT jump pointlessly from one piece of timeline to another!

I see a bunch of reviews that this book is, to simplify, ‘amazing’ and it is, if you can bother getting past all the craziness of the way it’s written.

If your gonna run though someone’s whole life in a book, do it IN ORDER. Personally, I despise jumping back and forth between ‘present’ times and ‘past’ times without any clear indication. A paragraph break, a dash, a star, something to the tune of ‘which runs along side this other interesting time-frame!’

This book jumps around all crazy like far too often, it’s confusing as all get out to sort through the time-jumps, and has about as much Biography on other people as it does it’s subject! Not to mention the chapter titles promise mention of certain key items from the subject’s life, then DOESN’T MENTION THEM. Seriously, I had to wait until Chapter 5 until I heard anything more then a one-line thing on chapter one’s TITLE ITEM. x.x;

If you can get past all this nonsense, good for you, you’ll have a much easier time not going gloss-eyed while reading this then I did, cause I got the underworld confused out of me trying to sort what timeline the current paragraph at any point in the book was at in relation to the one immediately before or after it! x.x



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