The Insider’s Guide to Creating Comics and Graphic Novels By Andy Schmidt

Growing up I didn’t read a lot of comics, it was something I didn’t know existed beyond the sunday funnies in the newspaper and reference in cartoons/movies/ect. Now that I got friends who draw the things I’ve been looking at comics more and more and even started wanting to try my hand at a comic just for laughs. My attempt went terribly, especially where panel placement and organization was concerned! This book explained it all quite well in an ‘easy to understand’ way that wasn’t boring, it also touched on inking, coloring, editors, publishers, pencilers and Script-writers, as well as the tools of the trade and ‘hidden’ knowledge, like how comic pages are a bit bigger then you’d think and have things called ‘cut-off lines’ before they go to print and shipped to the store shelves for your enjoyment.

Being a know-nothing about comics myself, I’d say this is a great first-stop for people who want to give comics a try and can’t afford art colleges or are too young for college courses just yet. The book does focus on the big Comic industry people, Marvel and DC, but the info seems like it’s be good for any group your looking at, even Manga publishers.


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