Witches Enchantment: Kit’s Story By Laura J. Kendall

I got my copy Free through a GoodReads First Reads giveaway.

Not the kind of story I usually go for, I’m not much into ‘romance’ genres. The story was alright though, there wasn’t near enough to make me stop reading the book partway through, the plot aside from the romance stuff was good and moved pretty easily, the flow wasn’t too hindered, though it got a little choppy towards the end of the book where it could have been better if a few things got rearranged or mentioned a little earlier. The biggest thing ‘wrong’ I noticed was simple stuff, a quote mark misplaced, or missing, stuff like that. With a bit more editing I don’t think there’d be anything wrong with this story.

That being said, it seems this is part of a series, but I don’t see it. The story is pretty self-contained in my opinion, which is a good thing. It might be I’m just not aware of the rest of the series, like I said this isn’t the type of book I usually read.

Towards the end there were some time gaps I found a little hard to recognize, and were only mentioned in such a fashion as ‘the big event’. Made it rather hard to know which event was being referred to on a first pass of that section of the story.

Overall not a bad story.


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