Codex Alera 1: Furies Of Calderon By Jim Butcher

Ooooh gods… where to start?! First of all, if your planning on skipping the prologue, don’t, just don’t, you’ll be missing part of the story that comes into play later, it’s only a page long, you can handle that much. 😀

I absolutely loved this story by the end of it. There were slow parts and parts that dragged a bit at the beginning, but they don’t last for long! They pull you into the intrigue, get you wondering ‘what’s going on here?’, and the like. I loved it! It does jump between 4 groups of characters but don’t hold that against this story, doing so allows you to get an idea of what’s happening, how things are being set into motion, how each character handles events started or combined with the others, and it helps pull you in knowing what they’re going through when the drama of the plans really pick up. I think I liked this better then Storm Front, also written by Jim Butcher. o.o hard to imagine I know, but it’s just THAT good! So, lovely people, go get your library cards ready. 😀


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