Learn to Play Electric Guitar by Nigel Hooper

Okay I got several things I wanna say about this book. *seethe* Let’s just get to it.


First of all, yes this is in the JUNIOR Section at the library, but good gods, could it BE any more confusing?! I picked this book up since I’m a BEGINNER at guitar, I picked this book up so I could LEARN something beginners need to know, and while this book DID teach me things I hadn’t known before, I’d put them in the intermediate category, not the beginner.

The layout of the book is all wonky, I couldn’t tell if a paragraph was part of the one on  the other half of the page (Let top-Right top) or a continuation of a paragraph at the bottom (left bottom-right top) more then half the time.

Next up is the notes, yes they show you the typical guitar graphs and how to read them, but then it’s RIGHT to the music part of the lesson. No warm ups or practice with finger-changing. Now while this is no problem for a beginner like myself who’s had a LITTLE experience with the notes already, I think a complete true beginner would be left going ‘what the heck?’ at this nonsense.

Another issue with the notes, they’re all over the place as their introduced. Lowest E, Highest A, Middle C type stuff, and the diagrams for the fingering for each note is little more then a side note on the very edges of the page, almost too small to see properly as you get further into the book. If your going to be teaching notes, do it right, introduce ones that aren’t a stretch in finger-changing for the student  X.x;

It also had interesting fun-facts about different guitarists, which is fine, great, yay for heroes, but come on, this is supposed to be about learning how to PLAY, not who in history was known for their skills with the instrument. The book could have cut back in the artist blurbs quite a bit, and had more room for teaching things in a better manner.

The only real good info layout was the last two pages, where the book showed where along the guitar neck each note was located, a general review of the other different little things it taught (like sixteenth notes and rests, tremolo (whammy) actions, ect). Seriously, the LAST. TWO. PAGES. were better laid out then all the rest of the book. Oi…

All in all, I definitely would not recommend  this book to anyone, I’ll be sticking with the Hal Lenard Series, thank you VERY much to my wonderful guitar teacher from my youth (even though I can’t remember his name now, my memory isn’t the greatest, sorry!) for handing me the Hal Lenard Book 1 when I took lessons, instead of the insanity of ‘Learn to Play Electric Guitar’. Nigel Hooper knows his stuff, he’s just not so good at keeping it in an easy to follow course apparently. 1/2 out of 5 stars. *hisssss*


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