Isis & Osiris: To the Ends of the Earth

This book was written by Jeff Limke and drawn by David Witt, printed by Graphic Universe

It’s a simple hard-cover Comic that’s a pretty good intro to the Egyptian Myth sets, two overlapping tales that are part of tradition, it starts off with Isis blessing a Child, as she tells of how she came to the Child’s home, and from there, flows easily onto what happens when she leaves. Not real heavy on the facts and not too long either, at only 40 pages of actual story (Y’know, not counting credits or Authors notes or the like)

All in all, 5/5 stars

The Back of the Book Blurb:

Out of an Ancient Kingdom…
…Came one of Egypt’s Greatest Stories.

Osiris is the greatest King and God of the land of the Nile. He is a generous ruler, and the people love and worship him – along with his wife and queen, the Goddess Isis. But Osiris’s jelous brother Set has a terrible plan to get rid of Osiris forever and take his place on the Egyptian Throne. Will Egypt suffer under an evil tyrant? Or can Isis use her magic and her love to save Osiris and conquer Set?


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